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Audition Online (), also known as X-BEAT in Japan, popularly called AyoDance in Indonesia, is a downloadable multiplayer online casual rhythm game produced by T3 Entertainment. It was originally released in South Korea in 2004, but it has been localized by various publishers around the world. Audition Online is free to play but it earns its revenue by selling virtual items such as clothes for the player’s avatar. In South Korea, PSP (called Audition Portable) and cellphone versions were released on June 1, 2007 and June 4, 2007 respectively. On June 12, 2008, Season 2 was first officially released in Korea. Currently, Korean Audition, China Audition, Thailand Audition, Indonesian Audition, AuditionSEA, AuditionEu, Vietnam Audition, Philippines Audition, North American Audition, Brazil Audition, X-BEAT have updated to Season 2. Audition Season 2 features a new interface, sound system, expressions, and many new features. On June 20, 2008, Audition Online was released on Latin America, called Audition Latino. During Fall 2008, Audition 2, the sequel, was discovered to be in the making. On April 28, 2010, closed beta has officially begin and it ceased its operation during 2013. During Fall 2013, Audition 3, known as World in Audition a.k.a. WIA, the 2nd sequel, was discovered to be in the making & closed beta has officially begin.

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