Camera dolly: what is it used for in filming?

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A dolly is a small, portable platform with wheels that is used to move heavy objects from one place to another. Dollies come in various sizes and styles, depending on the type of load they are meant to carry.

What is a camera dolly

What is a dolly used for in filming?

Dollies are commonly used in filmmaking to create smooth, tracking shots. The camera is mounted on the dolly and pushed along on its tracks while filming. This allows for a very fluid, elegant-looking shot that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to achieve.

There are various types of dollies available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The most common type is the hand dolly, which is simply a platform with wheels that can be pushed by hand. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, but they can be difficult to control, especially over rough terrain.

Another popular option is the motorized dolly, which has a built-in motor that allows it to be driven remotely. These are much easier to control than hand dollies, but they are also more expensive and require a bit more setup time.


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