Movavi Video Editor Review: Great tool to edit video memories

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The Movavi software also offers the ideal solution for absolute newcomers who are going to edit a film for the first time.

Inexperienced filmmakers will immediately find their way to Movavi because this video editing program is accessible to everyone without complicated instructions.

Young and old can achieve good results with this user-friendly software.

It is, without doubt, one of the best programs to put together your own movies without having to use too many bells and whistles.

Movavi Video Editor is the best tool to start as a rookie

The editing of a film does not always have to be complicated to achieve a good result. Those who have not yet gained any experience as a filmmaker will be well served by this Movavi software.


No prior knowledge is required and you can manipulate all stored film material in a minimum of time without being a computer guru. It is without a doubt one of the best tools to get started as a rookie.

Besides the ease of use that you will immediately get to grips with, the cheap price also plays a major role. The tools to keep things running smoothly are very easy to use.

Anyone who is put off by the technical aspect of making the first film can immediately be reassured. Your own imagination and creativity can be fully transformed in this software.

What can you do with Movavi?

You would be amazed at all the things you can do with this software.

It is possible to import videos in a wide range of formats such as video clips captured with a TV tuner or webcam can also be processed from the Movavi Video Editor, which also supports numerous audio and image formats.

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You will find all the basic tools to edit videos. Cut sequences, merge and link certain scenes, add background sound and many more options.

Many special effects, transitions and other filters are available to the amateur videographer.

Elements that “fall” from the top of the video, color settings, sepia (for an authentic and old effect), a slow motion mode or the ability to split a screen in half.

In short, more than enough to make small films by adding a touch of fantasy.

Magic Enchance, the magic wand of this video software

In the same way, it is very easy to insert titles or subtitles in the movie through the interface of the software.

The base offers more than 100 fonts so that you can adapt the designs to everyone’s taste and preference.

The feature called “Magic Enchance” improves the average quality of the videos by making automatic adjustments on items such as brightness, contrast and sharpness.

A concrete example. The software improves the quality of the pixels of the videos by softening the grains.

Do not expect a real magic wand and miracle quality, but the “Magic Enchance” tool completely fulfills the expectations for the amateur film maker.

Once the footage has been processed, Movavi can export it in high definition in formats that are also compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

Of minor importance, but there is the possibility to easily share the achievements on social networks such as Youtube, Facebook and other social media.

In addition to Dutch, the interface is also offered in different languages ​​such as English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian to name the main languages.

  • The great advantages of the Movavi software
  • Video editing with no prior knowledge required
  • Automatically improve the video movies
  • On the timeline you can easily weld music and clips together
  • Easy to use to string together fades, titles and special effects
  • Files can be saved in different formats
  • Ability to improve titles
  • Numerous transitions are provided as standard
  • The speed of exporting in popular video extensions
  • You can share everything seamlessly on youtube
  • The video software is becoming more and more popular with Mac users

This video software is gaining more and more popularity among Mac users. If you have decided to purchase this image editing program on your Mac computer, follow these steps:

Inserting files

Run the program on your Mac computer and click Add Files. Select the files used to create the movie. Choose the Add Folder menu if you need all folders in a file.

Edit videos

Select the video using the toolbar, which displays the editing parameters. You’ll find this above the timeline.

Below this tool there is the “Color Adjustment” tab for the choice of colors. The “Slideshow Master” is used to configure and compile sequences.

Insert the soundtrack

Still on the timeline, click Add Files to browse the audio track files. Otherwise, click Audio Tracks directly if you prefer to use a pre-recorded track.

Use the Scissors icon if you want to split the movies apart. Finally, transfer your audio clip to the video clip on the merge timeline.

Add transitions

You will find a wide choice of options on the Transitions tab. Collect two clips by dragging the transition icon between them.

Addition of Effects

Click the Titles tab when posting a title. The latter is automatically displayed on the title number after transferring to the chronology icon.

If necessary, adjust the parameters as alignment. Double click on the title to change it.

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