Wacom: What Is This Company And What Did It Bring Us?

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Wacom is a Japanese graphics tablet and digital interface company.

It specializes in making input devices for computers, including interactive pen tablets, display products, and integrated touchscreen computers.

It has a long history of creating innovative products that have been used across the world to help people create and interact with digital media.

Let’s take a look at the history of Wacom and explore what this company has brought us.

What is wacom

History of Wacom

Wacom is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures computer graphics tablets and related products. Founded in 1983, Wacom has been at the forefront of graphics technology and computer graphics input devices since then.

Wacom revolutionized graphical input technology by introducing the first pressure-sensitive pen technology in 1984, used to draw or write on computers or electronic devices. Since then, Wacom has expanded its range to include interactive pen displays, digital styluses, and pressure-sensitive input devices for a variety of industries. Products such as the Wacom Intuos 5 and Cintiq 24HD are some of their most popular products among digital artists, designers, animators and other professionals for whom accuracy and responsiveness are essential.

More recently, Wacom has developed mobile tools such as its Bamboo branded smart pen—a bluetooth enabled device that allows users to write naturally on their tablets and smartphones with greater accuracy than they would otherwise be able to do while using their fingers. Similarly they have also developed a wide range of Graphire stylus pens aimed at home user who want to make use of graphical tablets but don’t need professional level accuracy or responsiveness—ideal for casual gaming or taking notes on the go.

Over more than thirty years in business Wacom has become virtually synonymous with graphic arts input solutions due the quality, innovation and industry leading accuracy they offer with all their products—something which will hopefully continue into the future thanks to their continued commitment to research & development.



Wacom is a Japanese company that has been innovating and creating products for over 30 years. Specializing in digital drawing, painting, and animation, Wacom has brought us some amazing products. In this section, we will take a look at some of their most popular products, from pen tablets to styluses and more.

Wacom Pen Displays

Wacom is a Japanese company that specializes in digital pen displays, creative pen tablets and styluses for computers. With Wacom’s product line, users can leverage natural handwriting to quickly and precisely create art, paint, design and collaborate with digital input devices on any type of system or device.

The Wacom Pen Display portfolio is comprised of both large-format interactive displays as well as portable screen devices designed to enhance collaboration within enterprises and educational institutions. The company’s Cintiq Pro creative pen display series allows creative professionals to work directly on the LCD surface employing their hands instead of relying solely on mouse input. The Cintiq Pro line also includes the 22HD touch option while the Wacom Express Key Remote puts controllers into the hands of users to provide complete control when needed.

In addition to their own products, Wacom also produces software solutions like integrated InkTech ink recognition algorithms which allow users with no programming experience to develop apps that recognize user input from any surface enabled with a Wacom EMR technology pen or display device. The company also offers SDKs such as Graphire4, Intuos4 tablets, Intuos Pro and Creative Styluses for use with Windows and Mac PCs as well as iOS and Android devices.

Through these comprehensive range of products and services, Wacom enables creative professionals from all backgrounds to conceive digital artwork more quickly and accurately than ever before. Furthermore, these digital pens are becoming increasingly more cost-effective due to improvements in technology which allows companies like Wacom to continually drive down costs without sacrificing quality.

Wacom Stylus

Wacom’s styluses are a popular choice for digital art enthusiasts who want to capture their creativity digitally. Wacom styluses come in different shapes, sizes and pressure sensitivities, offering unique features that allow artists to draw and sketch on touch screens just as seamlessly as if they were using a traditional pen or pencil.

The company’s most popular stylus models include the Bamboo Stylus Solo, Bamboo Stylus Duo and Intuos Creative Stylus 2. The Bamboo Stylus Solo has been designed for use with nearly any touch device for basic sketching, taking notes or digital painting. Meanwhile, the Duo features two pens in one — a dampened rubber tip pen ideal for sketches on capacitive devices (such as tablets) and a steel impact tip, perfect for more detailed work on more glossy surfaces (like Windows 8 touchscreens). Finally, the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 is designed specifically for people who want to paint and draw digitally on iPad devices like never before — with up 256 levels of pressure sensitivity and two customizable shortcut buttons next to the pen’s ink tip.

Wacom Tablets

Wacom is a Japanese company specializing in the production of interactive pen tablets and displays used for digital art, animation, and engineering. The tablets offer superior control over traditional tools such as a mouse or stylus.

Wacom’s flagship lines of tablet are: Intuos (smallest and least expensive), Bamboo Fun/Craft (mid-range), Intuos Pro (top of the line with paper capabilities) and Cintiq (interactive display tablet). There are also specialized products for drawing, industrial design, photography, animation/VFX, wood-carving and art education.

The various models come in various sizes from 6″x 3.5″ to 22″ x 12″ and they feature pressure sensitivity 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity on both pen tip and erasers as well as tilt recognition to recognize the angle of the pen tip at which it is being applied. This gives users more control over how their artwork looks when they add colors or removing parts with an eraser. Wacom tablets also come with programmable shortcut keys that help with quick access to some basic functions during an artwork creation process. There is even a digital mouse feature present on most models, allowing them to be used like regular mice when necessary.

The combination of accuracy and precision provided by Wacom tablets make them ideal for designers or illustrators who need absolute accuracy when creating their work – from design comic books or logos to 3D animation. At the same time, these systems deliver great value for money over other alternatives due to their low cost and long lasting batteries which can last up to 7-10 hours without charging depending on usage patterns.


Wacom is a Japanese technology company that has made a significant impact in the world of creative art and technology with their cutting-edge products. Founded in 1983, Wacom has been at the forefront of digital art technology and the development of the digital drawing tablet, which has enabled artists to create art with more ease and accuracy. The impact of Wacom’s technology is far-reaching, as evidenced by the transformation of many art forms, including comic books and video game design. Let’s discuss the impact that Wacom has had on these industries in detail.

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Revolutionizing the Creative Industry

Wacom is a Japanese digital pen company that has revolutionized the creative industry. Its products have been used in film, animation, gaming, and advertising since its founding in 1983. Its famous Wacom Intuos tablet device has played a vital role in helping many creative professionals do the best work of their careers.

The Intuos pen tablet is designed specifically for precise hand control over digital art tools, making it the choice of professional designers and illustrators who rely on quick response time from their equipment to draw natural-looking lines and perform intricate brushstrokes with accuracy. The comprehensive software provides an intuitive experience that makes it easy to navigate complex images as well as small details like erasing elements without smudging your entire artwork or going back to re-edit something you previously thought was finished.

The Intuos also supports up to four USB devices at the same time which includes styluses, accessories, and even other computers by allowing you to switch between machines with a convenient toggle button located on the side of the pad’s bezel. Additionally, Wacom’s ActiveArea technology enables you to render 600 dots per inch resolution for clean accurate line art with just fingertips or a nibbed stylus – no more bulky corded tablets!

Equipped with pressure sensitivity settings that allow users to achieve nuanced strokes exquisite shading onto digital canvas, Wacom’s Intuos helps professionals create art pieces outside of their comfort zones and produces stunning results that would otherwise be impossible using traditional hardware interfaces. To date, this technological marvel continues to remain one of the most popular tools for countless creatives worldwide due its wide range of features and unparalleled convenience when it comes to editing photos or illustrating artwork for any medium imaginable.

Aiding in Digital Art

Since its founding in 1983, Wacom has been at the forefront of digital art. This company produces drawing tablets and other peripheral devices that have been widely used to aid in the creation of digital art. Wacom products provide an alternative to the mouse and help people express their creativity with greater precision and control.

This hardware is available for those who love to draw, craft or use digital media on a full-time basis. Artists using traditional methods can also benefit from switching to Wacom’s technology as they are often preferred for more advanced tasks such as creating textures, painting and scenic backgrounds.

Using Wacom’s drawing tablets and styluses helps create more natural movements while drawing that closely resemble drawing on paper with a pen or pencil. It is no wonder then why many digital artists choose the technology offered by Wacom over other companies when it comes to creating precise artwork and helping them bring their vision to life.

Future of Wacom

Wacom is a company known around the world for its digital pen, electronic stylus, and technology-based solutions. They have revolutionized the way we work and create, and their products have been used by top companies, such as Adobe and Apple. But what does the future of Wacom look like? In this article, we’ll discuss the potential of this innovative company and the promise of its products to come.

Expansion of the Company

Throughout its over thirty-year history, Wacom has continually evolved and expanded its scope of business activities. It has come a long way from being a small private company that produced pen tablets to becoming the global leader in digital drawing hardware. It boasts a wide range of products that include graphical tablets, stylus pens and other peripherals designed for digital illustration and photography.

The company’s latest breakthrough came with the launch of its Creative Pen Display line in 2018. This new product line provided users with an intuitive interface based on pen input rather than traditional mouse and keyboard methods. The new devices enabled artists to draw, paint and create digital artwork with newfound ease and precision using the same tools they’d use on paper or canvas.

In addition to its product lineup, Wacom also offers a range of software applications specifically developed for use with its hardware. Most recently, it released Clip Studio Paint Pro, an all-in-one platform for creating comic series, illustrations and manga drawings that provides users with tools for drawing natural brush strokes as well as pre-defined settings for popular effects.

Wacom is committed to providing creative professionals with the best tools available to express their creative vision without compromising on quality or control of their work. As it continues to expand both globally and technologically, it looks set to remain at the forefront of interactive pen displays and digital art technology into the future.

New Innovations

Since its beginnings in the early 1980s, Wacom has been on the forefront of innovation in graphics technology and hardware. To this day, it offers a broad range of products across three main product lines — Creative Pen Displays, Ink Solutions, and Graphics Tablets — which can be used by educators, students, artists, and professionals all over the world. From its signature pressure-sensitive stylus to optimized software for Apple, Windows, and other operating systems — all designed to unlock creativity — Wacom has had an incredibly influential role in numerous industries.

Wacom continues to expand its reach by investing heavily in research and development in order to bring new innovations to market. Its innovative range of products showcase everything from computers that draw 3D images with a quick swipe of the hand to monitors that bring interactive gaming experiences close enough for users to touch. The company’s goal is to create tools that can help lift up productivity and foster creativity no matter where you are or what you do.

It’s easy to see why Wacom’s products have become a staple among artists and professionals alike– they are easy-to-use yet extremely powerful tools that can boost productivity and inspire creative minds everywhere. Through its commitment to innovative product design and cutting-edge technology– not just the hardware but also specialized software solutions– it has helped bridge digital media from imagination into reality for millions of users around the world.


In conclusion, Wacom has been a major contributor to the advancement of digital graphics and has given many people the tools to create amazing art. They have a wide range of products, ranging from pens and tablets to interactive displays, which have been used by professionals and everyday people alike. From its humble beginnings in 1983, Wacom has come a long way and has changed the face of digital art forever.

Summary of the Impact of Wacom

Wacom is a market leader in pen tablets and interactive pen displays, easily recognized for its advanced technology. Since its founding in 1983, Wacom has established itself as one of the top customer-focused companies in terms of innovation and product development. Many of Wacom’s products are still used today, helping to streamline business processes and providing tools to help improve customer experiences.

Wacom was the first company to introduce graphics tablets with pressure-sensitive pens in the 1980s, which revolutionized digital painting and editing. This technology dramatically improved workflow efficiency and allowed digital designers to quickly create illustrations on computers with even greater accuracy than with pencils or brushes. The technology that Wacom has introduced over the years has enabled digital artists around the world to produce highly detailed drawings more quickly than traditional manual techniques.

In addition to graphic tablets and accessories, Wacom also produces interactive displays that allow users to interact directly with their computer screens for making annotations or digitally signing documents – without ever having to use a physical pen or paper. This breakthrough design allowed users across industries such as education, finance, engineering and graphic design to quickly process data without manual data entry or paperwork handling.

Moreover, as Apple’s adoption of pressure-sensitive drawing API confirmed in 2019 – Wacom will continue being today’s leading innovator, paving the way for better solutions that bridge generations between traditional and digital ways of making artworks.. In short, Wacom continues its groundbreaking efforts towards creating new ways to navigate our digital world while providing sleek solutions for creatives around the globe

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