4 Reasons why 4K filming makes a Full HD production better

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Although more and more cameras are on the market that can film in 4K, it is often not essential for television work and online video.

You are prepared for the future, and even in Full HD productions you can take advantage of the extra pixels of a 4K camera.

4 Reasons why 4K filming makes a Full HD production better

Cropping and Multi Angle

With 4K video you have twice (so a total of 4 times) as many pixels horizontally and vertically as with a Full HD resolution. If you film with a wide-angle lens, you can crop the distortion at the edges without losing image quality.

If you only have one camera and you want to record an interview with two people, you can opt for a wide shot and later make two medium shots of it by reframing the image in your editing software.

And you can also make a close-up from a medium shot.


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Reduce noise

If you film with higher ISO values, you get noise, even with 4K cameras. But 4K pixels are smaller, so the noise is also smaller and less noticeable.

If you scale the images to Full HD, a lot of noise will almost disappear due to the interpolation algorithms in the software. If you use the cropping and framing above, you will gain less advantage.

Motion Tracking and Stabilization

If you want to apply motion tracking to, for example, overlay computer images on video images, the extra pixels of 4K provide more information to track objects in the image.

This also comes in handy for software stabilization where anchor points are used to stabilize the image.

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In addition, stabilization will crop part of the edges, if you film more widely with a 4K camera, there is enough room to stabilize without the loss of resolution that occurs when filming on Full HD.

Chroma Key

With a 4K recording, the edges are sharper and better defined. With that extra resolution, chroma key software can better separate the object from the background.

If you execute the key in 4K and only then scale to Full HD, the hard contours will be softened a bit, so that the foreground and background connect more naturally.

Even if you make Full HD productions, using a 4K camera is worth considering.

Not only can you secure the material for the future, you can make the extra pixels work to your advantage in productions in a lower resolution.

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