AVS Video Editor Review: perfect match for home videos

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If you like to play with your video media, AVS Video Editor is exactly what you are looking for. The video editor has a fresh interface, but unfortunately it is not a professional editor program.

Overall, the video editor is a complete but easy-to-use editor that you can convert to different formats.

It lacks some professional tools, but on the other hand, it is not designed to be used by professional filmmakers.

AVS Video Editor Review

Very useful for editing a personalized movie

The video editor is video editing and retouching software. Very useful for editing a fully personalized movie from videos, clips and images.

It contains a whole range of functions that allow you to creatively cut and paste video material. The software is compatible with the Windows operating system.


You can download it from various download platforms as a demo version for a certain trial period before making a final purchase.

Making a movie is quite easy

To make a high-profile movie with the AVS Video Editor is quite easy. After downloading and installing, launch the program and load your video and images via “Media Import”, “Video Capture” or “Screenshot”.

Each loaded item is added to the current project folder in the media library. Once integrated, your media can then be added to the timeline by simply dragging and dropping.

You can then use the tools above the timeline to edit your movie with the following tools: cut, crop, rotate, merge, add effects, transitions, music, lyrics and so much more.

As you continue, you will immediately see the result. Despite the excellent result, avs4you has limitations.

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Support for most video formats is a plus

Given its many advantages, there is no question that avs4you is one of the best video editing software available on the market today.

Its ease of use and customization options make it one of the favorite editing tools for editors, for beginners and experts alike.

But the software is only for Windows users. Mac users may wonder if the software is available for their computer.

The answer is succinctly no. There is no avs4you for Mac.

Video support and distribution for most platforms

After editing and editing is completed, you have several options to choose from: first save the edited video to your hard drive, burn it to DVD or share it on an external hard drive.

Since we are in the age of online sharing, the software has also provided intelligent options for distributing your creations to different destinations with frontline social networks such as You Tube, Vimeo or Facebook.

To speed up the distribution process, the software is designed with predefined profiles available through “Studio Express” to share your creations faster.

It is the ideal starting point to start a youtube channel or for people who want to give lessons online and show their lesson packages in a professional way.

If you have a website, you can use HTML 5 to integrate your videos into your web pages. Just make sure that the protocol supports the format of the video to post.

Still under sharing options, you can also transfer your videos to other mobile devices like iPhone, iPod or iPad.

How can you best request your avs4you key?

To discover the possibilities of the software, you can request a demo version on download sites. The license key you need to unlock the software will be sent to your specified email address.

You just have to copy that avs4you key and then you can immediately see how the editing software works for a few weeks.

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