Jupio compact universal camera battery charger review

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Jupio Compact universal charger at a glance:

  • Charges AA, AAA and Li-ion batteries
  • Low-power 0.5A USB output
  • Four plug adapters included
  • 12V car adapter included
Jupio compact camera battery charger review

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If you own several cameras that use different batteries and are tired of carrying chargers for each of them, this universal charger might be just what you need, and now there’s also a world travel edition with all the necessary plugs:

The compact universal charger Jupio (LUC0055) is capable of charging almost any 3.6V or 7.2V Li-ion aggregate, using a pair of retractable pins aligned with the contacts of the battery.

Alternatively, one or two AA or AAA size NiCd and NiMH batteries can be charged. It also has a USB connector with 0.5A output, suitable for charging a phone or other low-power device, which can be used at the same time as charging batteries.


Note, however, that this isn’t quite powerful enough for larger devices like tablets or laptops. Not only the output is universal: the small power adapter has interchangeable pins for the UK, EU, North America and Australia and automatically switches between input voltages.

A 12 V in-car connector is also included, which allows you to charge virtually any device, anywhere in the world.

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Important functions of the Jupio charger

Let’s take a closer look at the main features:

Indicator lamp

This lights up red when the battery is charging and turns green when it’s ready

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Adjustable sliders

Use the orange colored sliders to align it with the connections of your battery. The polarity is automatically adjusted.

Slide lock

Holds the battery in place while charging. It is released via the orange button


I’ve tried the charger with a range of camera batteries and while it worked with most, it failed with some, causing a blinking red status light instead of charging.

The problem is, like other similar products, Jupio doesn’t provide a compatibility list so there’s no way to know for sure before you buy if your own batteries will work, but it certainly works with the well-known brands from what I’ve experienced so far .

However, if you find it does work with your devices, this is a very handy charger for travelling, especially if you have a camera that normally charges via USB and want to carry a spare option with you.

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