Magix AG: What Is It And What Products Do They Have?

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Magix AG is a software and multimedia company, established in 1993 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Its software products cover the audio and video production, editing, and music creation industries. The company has also expanded into the online gaming industry, offering web-based games.

Let’s take a closer look at Magix AG, their products, and how they’re making a mark in the digital world.

What is magix ag

What is Magix AG?

Magix AG is a German multimedia software developer founded in 1993 and based in Berlin. The company specializes in video and music production software such as Samplitude Music Maker and Sound Forge Audio Studio. It provides a wide range of multimedia solutions for consumers, businesses, and educational institutions, catering to more than 8 million customers worldwide.

The company’s products are divided into many specialized areas; its portfolio includes audio editing and mastering products such as Samplitude Music Maker, Audio Cleaning Lab, Spectralayers Pro, Vegas Pro; digital video production software such as Movie Edit Pro and Video Pro X; audio restoration with Audio Cleaning Lab Ultimate; photo editing software Photo Manager, plus Web design tools Web Designer Premium and the application Virtual Drummer. Magix also offers tools for creating DVDs or Blu-rays with their DVD Architect Studio program or creating 3D animations with Xara 3D Maker 7.

The Magix catalogue also includes an array of entertainment applications such as music jukebox players (Music Maker Jam), DJ Mixers (Cross DJ) or movie editing apps (Movie Edit Touch). Furthermore, the company has recently introduced their virtual reality app PopcornFX which enables people to create complex particle effects for games.

History of Magix AG

Magix AG is a German company founded in 1993. It began as an audio software company and developed many popular sound production software products including Samplitude, Acid and Soundforge. Since then, it has grown to become an international multimedia software provider, offering digital audio workstations, video editing tools, music production apps and much more. Magix AG is now one of the leading providers of multimedia solutions with offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions.

The company has established itself as a leader in the digital media industry by creating new technologies that bring together intuitive design and powerful capabilities. As well as providing its own software solutions, Magix AG also develops custom solutions for third-party companies ranging from large corporations to independent businesses.

Magix AG’s range of products includes music production software such as Samplitude Pro X4 Suite; video editing tools such as VEGAS Movie Studio; audio mastering apps like MUSIC MAKER Live; as well as various other multimedia-related solutions. The company’s robust product portfolio offers something for everyone from amateur film makers to professional movie directors.



Magix AG is an international company based in Berlin, Germany that specializes in software for multimedia production. They make a wide range of products, from audio and video editing software, to photo and 3D animation tools. Let’s take a look at some of the products that Magix AG offers, and how they can help you create professional looking content quickly and easily.

Music Maker

Magix operates in a variety of different industries, with music software being one of their main focuses. Music Maker is Magix’s flagship music product, providing users with an incredibly simple way to create and arrange their own music. Music Maker allows users to explore the basics of songwriting, recording and mixing – plus experience amazing ultra-realistic instruments and sounds that bring life to any musical composition.

The software contains an intuitive drag & drop interface for creating inspiring tracks, meaning it’s never been easier to make your own music from scratch. It comes with a load of detailed tools from Soundpools Full Sound libraries and Vita Sampler engines – including over 7000 professionally mastered samples – plus the Vandal series amps and effects so you can create anything you could ever dream up in next-to-no-time at all! From hip hop and electronic tracks right up to full orchestras, Music Maker has got it all covered!

Video Pro X

Magix AG is a globally-recognized software and digital content creation company, offering industry-leading products to filmmakers, graphic designers, music producers and other creative professionals. Among their many products is Video Pro X — an advanced video editing program specifically designed for professional workflows.

Video Pro X includes an intuitive user interface combined with powerful editing tools. It is equipped with a comprehensive library of transitions and effects to help elevate existing footage or add new dynamics to raw footage. In addition, Video Pro X’s single-screen timeline makes full use of the 60+ tracks available to organise your compositing layers and make multi-layered video production quick and easy.

Advanced features such as Chroma Key for image alteration, motion tracking for compositing in 3D space, automatic color grading powered by LUTs (Look Up Tables) means that you have all the capabilities you need to create professional movie scenes within a single application window. Additionally, users can take advantage of features like project archiving for saving projects automatically within the context of your workflow and the automated camera assistant add-on allows powerful story cutting functionality within Video Pro X using just the transferable clips from your media folders.

Photo Manager

MAGIX Photo Manager is a free photo organizing program with built-in editing tools designed to help users quickly find, organize, and touch up digital pictures. It utilizes quick viewing technology with over 120 file formats supported, making it an ideal choice for those who need to manage large photo libraries. The photo editing functions allow you to enhance photos in just a few clicks without needing any advanced technical skills.

The software includes several unique features including: intelligent automatic object detection; auto-optimization which applies imperfections like sharpness and noise removal; as well as the ability to create sophisticated panoramas from multiple images using its stitching tool. Additionally, the software also includes metadata support for EXIF, IPTC and XMP for tagging images so that users can easily sort through their photo collection by author or subject matter.

This versatile photo editor and organizer is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems, providing users access to their pictures no matter what device they’re using. With MAGIX Photo Manager’s comprehensive suite of features and its user-friendly design, it’s the perfect program for organizing your digital photos.

Movie Edit Pro

Movie Edit Pro from Magix AG is a powerful video editing program designed to enable users to create professional-quality movies. It includes a wide range of tools and features that make creating Hollywood-style movies easier than ever before. With Movie Edit Pro, you can:

• Create stunning videos in minutes with a user-friendly editing interface and intuitive tools
• Add transitions, titles and effects to your scenes easily
• Work faster with automatic scene detection, image stabilization and practical drag & drop operations
• Create custom projects with additional services such as music, video effects and Hollywood effects
• Easily import or record videos from any source – camera, mobile device or file format
• Output videos in various formats, share them on social networks or directly upload them to YouTube.
• Access Magix Online Album photo videos for your movie projects

With Movie Edit Pro, you have the power to create unique productions free of the restraints of traditional filmmaking. It’s easy enough for beginners thanks to interoperability between tools and a wide range of auto-correction functions. Movie Edit Pro also has advanced editing tools that professionals will appreciate. Whatever your experience level is, this program lets you express yourself like never before with inspired creation tools that help bring your stories alive faster than ever before!

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Magix AG is a German company that offers a range of services and products. They are known for providing high-quality audio and video editing software, digital asset management systems, and other related products and services. In this section, we will be looking at the services that Magix AG provides and the different products they offer.

Video Editing

Video editing is a key part of Magix AG’s range of digital services and products. Their video editing software enables users to produce professional-level quality videos with various effects, filters, and animation options. With just some basic knowledge of the application, users can edit a wide range of video clips or perform more advanced tasks such as combining multiple shots taken from different angles into one scene. Magix AG also offer a full suite of multimedia tools such as music mixing and creative sound options, so that users can achieve even greater results with their video projects. These tools make it easy for users to manipulate audio sources in innovative ways and create soundtracks that enhance their videos. By using these methods, they can create high-impact visuals while expressing their individual style or personality through their work.

Music Production

Music production is the process of creating a finished music product ready for release. Magix AG provides music production services that include composing, recording, mixing and mastering. Their services cater to every genre of music, helping you to create the sound and feel you are aiming for. With these high-end audio tools and expert direction, they can help you get the right sound without compromising on quality or creativity.

Whether you’re producing hip hop, EDM, rock or pop music – Magix AG has everything you need to turn your concept into a full production! They provide high-quality sample packs with pre-programmed loops and tempos to get your projects moving quickly and efficiently. Their multi-track recording feature allows multiple instruments and vocals to be recorded into separate channels; so when it comes time for mixing, each track can be balanced with ease. Their mastering feature is also incredibly powerful – just select from their list of presets or customize your own settings until you’ve achieved perfection! With features like these, it’s no wonder why Magix AG is trusted by so many top producers in the industry.

Photo Editing

Magix AG offers a wide variety of digital photo editing services, including tools for basic photo editing, retouching and creative design. It provides consumers with the ability to make changes to pictures from their computer or mobile device. With a user-friendly interface, Magix AG’s advanced features allow users to easily adjust intricate details like shadows and highlights, as well as enhance colors and details that may have been lost when the original image was taken.

Users can also learn various techniques for digital painting and illustration through tutorials on its website. Magix AG also offers tools for creating graphic designs such as logos, page layouts, banners and more using vector graphics programs like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Adobe Illustrator. The company also has several mobile apps that let users edit images on their phone or tablet while they’re on the go. Additionally, users can download image packs with pre-made backgrounds and patterns they can use in their projects.


Magix AG is a leading German software developer dedicated to the production and distribution of consumer-level multimedia software products, such as audio editing, video editing, and web design. The company has been highly successful in the consumer market with its broad range of products, which are used in entertainment, education, commercial, government and military applications. It has also gained acclamation for its commitment to customer service, offering ongoing product support and technical assistance through their online communities.

Ultimately, Magix AG is a well-established company that provides quality solutions for those in need of effective multimedia software applications. From start to finish they offer comprehensive solutions that enable customers to create projects that stand out from the rest. With this in mind it’s no wonder why so many people use Magix AG’s products today!

We like the Magix video editor for its ease of use for example.

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