Magix video review: give your movie project a professional look

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User-friendliness is central to magix video software. It offers an ideal and complete solution to seamlessly weld the frames together in a fairly simple way.

For the starter who has little experience with video editing software, this is the perfect starting point to use the creativity optimally.

Moreover, the magix video converter ensures that you can easily distribute the movie files to internet channels such as Facebook or Youtube.

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Magix video review- give your movie project a professional look

Magix video pro gives your movie a professional look

Magix video software supports all the tools to make a movie in a professional way.


Read recordings, stitch images together, use multiple tracks, optimize the sound. It’s all available with magix video’s image processing software.

The audio part of this software package in particular catches the eye and is one of the better compared to the competition because you can use more than one track.

Viewing the finished films on the go on your iPod, iPhone or a tablet is also possible. A bonus for anyone who wants to plan a sales pitch at a customer via film using visual material.

Icon user interface provides ease of use

The user interface has a very professional look to it.

Icons with buttons make the workspace very clear. The panel as video preview is located on the top left, the panel with content and effects can be found on the right.

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The timeline is simply integrated with a storyboard assignment as standard so that you can follow everything properly. You can trim the images directly on the timeline.

The shave icon allows you to accurately split the different images without seeing a transition that jumps. Keyframes are a powerful video editing tool in magix video software.

With this technique you can crop effects or titles from one point in the movie to another without any problems.

All professional tools under one roof

With Magix video you get a video editing program where you can edit photos, video and sound from different sources.

All scenes in the movie are displayed sequentially in storyboard mode with an image preview.

You just need to drag the different shoots to your timeline to save them in the order you want.

You can effortlessly bring the recorded images together into one smooth whole.

Once the desired result is achieved, you can write the files directly from the magix video converter to a CD or DVD without the need for a third-party application.

Each video project can be edited individually

Video projects can each be edited individually with a variety of individual or combined effects.

If certain effect combinations are used often, you can save them separately as presets for later use.

You can determine the specific configuration and application of these effects using the video controller or by choosing an effect and dragging it to the Effects menu.

Each video transition can be viewed to see the final result.

For experienced video enthusiasts there is a 360 degree tool at hand

The cream of the crop in this video editing program is the 360 ​​degree tool. Magix video pro has a showpiece that other programs are jealous of.

The movie settings drop-down list contains an option to create 360-degree video images.

With a selected clip in the timeline, you can choose the panorama section and view the clip from all corners of the eye in a 360 degree perspective.

Special tools are available to turn your clip into a ‘virtual reality’ world. An added value that is worth trying out.


Magix is ​​a video editing software program that includes all the tools in one package, both for the novice and advanced video editors.

Multicam and 360 degree support give great added value to this software. You can show your videos on TV, online or on the road for possible commercial use.

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