Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard | Keyboard sticker or separate keyboard?

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Mastering keyboard shortcuts isn’t just a party trick to impress friends and clients, it’s also a pathway to a faster and more efficient editing process that makes you more like a video editor.

Whether you’re hoping to get a pro certificate or just want to be faster in your post production, one way to help is by investing in a dedicated keyboard.

In general, you have two choices: these keyboard stickers from Editors Keys that allow you to easily add shortcuts to your workflow with your own keyboard, and a special keyboard with backlight from Logickeyboard.

Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard | Keyboard sticker or separate keyboard?

Editors Keys Premiere Pro keyboard stickers

Editors Keys started in 2005 making stickers for keyboards that help users remember shortcuts for software like Pro Tools, Photoshop and more.

Since then, the company has expanded into making full-sized keyboards and even USB microphones, and they still produce these stickers for various keyboards and Macbooks:

Editors Keys Premiere Pro keyboard stickers

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Editors Keys Premiere Pro keyboard stickers for mac keyboard

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I’ve used their stickers on previous Adobe systems at several other offices and you’re right back in with Adobe Premiere Pro.

So why would anyone want a keyboard covered in software shortcuts? And does this keyboard make your work smoother?

Switching from another program

I learned how to work in Final Cut Pro from the first to the latest version, and when Final Cut X came out I knew I was going to switch to something else.

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I’ve successfully made the switch to Adobe Premiere and have been working with it for the past five years, but there are still a few FCP shortcuts that have been jammed hard in my brain that I still catch using them.

With this keyboard, I’ve been able to quickly put a stop to those nagging shortcuts, and I’ve started to unleash the full potential of the keyboard.

Shortcuts in use

The shortcuts for snapping and slip edits in particular have always eluded me, as I don’t use them too often, but often enough to notice that I occasionally miss the shortcut.

But not anymore! And I’ve started using the Shift + number keys to select different project windows to quickly jump from screen to screen.

See all Editors Keys shortcut keyboard stickers here

Logickeyboard Astra Premiere Pro backlit keyboard

Tired of editing in the dark? Let LogicKeyboard’s new Backlit ASTRA ease your workflow.

Logickeyboard Astra Premiere Pro backlit keyboard

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LogicKeyboard offers a wide variety of keyboards for both Mac and PC. You can pick up an ASTRA backlit keyboard for Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Pro Tools, Final Cut, and a handful of other brands.

I’m looking specifically at the one for Premiere Pro on the Mac now because that’s what I use. I’ve had some time to fiddle with it so here are my thoughts on this wonderful product.

Sustainability and design

LogicKeyboard products are beautiful – both the packaging and the products.

Both the Editors Keys and the new ASTRA keyboard use color-coded keys to categorize and group keyboard shortcuts. This makes the shortcuts easily recognizable while editing.

In addition to the beautiful design, the ASTRA is also very durable. When you hold and use the ASTRA, it really does feel like a very high quality product.

Easy to use

The ASTRA is a breeze to use. It’s plug and play, no drivers required. It comes with two USB connections, one for the keyboard and one for a USB hub. You’ll find two additional USB ports on the back of the keyboard.

When you are not using your software application, the ASTRA functions as a standard keyboard. If you are confused with any of the shortcuts, you can easily look them up in the ASTRA documentation, which explains each shortcut in detail.

This way you also learn something about your software that you may not have known at all.

In addition to the color-coded system, icons are used on each key. I personally find it much easier to quickly spot a shortcut by searching for an icon than for a color, but that’s just me.

The backlight

The main feature of the ASTRA is the backlight, which can be adjusted to five different light levels. I personally like backlit keyboards.

After using a backlit keyboard on a Macbook Pro for the first time, I couldn’t go back. Of course you often work in poorly lit editing studios. Backlit keyboards are the way to go.

If you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts and backlit keyboards, you really can’t go wrong with the ASTRA.

Check prices and availability for your system here

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