Is GoPro good for stop motion? Yes! Here’s how to use it

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I’m sure you’ve seen pro athletes filming with their GoPro while they perform amazing stunts. But did you know that GoPro is also great for stop-motion videos?

That’s right; they’re more than just action cameras – you can use them in the same way as many of the best camera models people use to make stop motion.

Is GoPro good for stop motion? Yes! Here's how to use it

If you’re looking for an easy way to create stop motion videos, GoPro cameras are the perfect option. These versatile cameras are not only used to shoot HD video. You can use them to create stop motion animation.

GoPro cameras are perfect for creating stop motion animation. They’re small, portable, and easy to use, making them the ideal camera for capturing stop motion footage.

Plus, the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth make it easy to transfer your footage to your computer for editing.


In this post, I’ll explain why using a GoPro to make stop motion animations is often a better choice than some other cameras and which features will make it easy to make your film.

I’ll also offer a tutorial on how to make stop motion animation with GoPro cameras.

Can you do stop motion with GoPro?

Absolutely! GoPro cameras are perfect for creating stop motion videos because they don’t only shoot video they also capture still images.

GoPros are small, portable, and easy to use, making them the ideal camera for capturing stop motion footage.

Plus, the built-in WiFi makes it easy to transfer your footage to your computer for editing.

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So if you’re looking for a camera to create amazing stop motion videos, GoPro is the way to go!

The GoPro is smaller than a DSLR camera, digital camera, or mirrorless cameras.

You can use the GoPro the same way that you use a regular compact camera.

The newer GoPro Hero models are the best cameras because they work in low light conditions, the iso range is better, and they don’t have a rolling shutter.

They have a touch screen display and a high-resolution image sensor. The GoPro Max has the best image sensor and resolution, so it’s perfect for crisp, blurless images.

What I like most is that gopros have remote shutter release (or you’d have to buy one of these for your stop motion camera), and that means that you can trigger the GoPro to take a photo from your smartphone.

Finally, I want to mention that you can use an SD card to store the photos and then transfer them to your computer.

But, if you don’t want to do that, you can transfer photos directly through Bluetooth and WIFI.

Just be sure to get a GoPro model with those features. That makes it easy to import photos into your editing software.

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How does a GoPro camera work?

The GoPro is a great camera for stop motion animation because it’s designed to be extremely user-friendly.

The camera has two main modes: video mode and photo mode.

In video mode, the GoPro will record footage continuously until you stop it. This is perfect for capturing motion.

But for stop motion animation, you want to use the photo mode.

In photo mode, the GoPro will take a still image every time you press the shutter button.

This is perfect for creating stop motion videos because you can control exactly when the camera takes a picture.

To take a picture in photo mode, simply press the shutter button. The GoPro will take a still image and store it on the SD card.

Once you have your pictures, you can transfer them to your computer and create a stop motion video.

Do GoPros take good pics?

Yes! GoPros take amazing pictures, and they’re perfect for stop-motion animation.

GoPros can take high-quality still images. For example, the GoPro Hero 10 can take 23 MP pictures.

This is important for stop motion animation because you want your pictures to be crisp and clear.

There’s a drawback though, the color balance on a GoPro can be off, and the images can be a little flat.

But, with some basic color correction, you can make your pictures look great.

But overall, the picture quality on a GoPro is fantastic, and they’re perfect for stop motion animation.

How to make stop motion with GoPro

Creating stop motion videos with GoPro is easy!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your subject and set up your scene.
  2. Place your GoPro in the desired location and mount it securely. It’s best to use a small tripod or mount to keep the camera from moving while you take photos. It will keep the camera stable for long periods while you set up each scene.
  3. Press the shutter button and start shooting your images. I prefer to use the app and remote shutter release because it gives me more control.
  4. Once you have all your images, transfer them to your computer and import them into your video editing software.
  5. Arrange the images in the order you want them to play and add any additional effects or transitions.
  6. Export your video and share it with the world!

And that’s it! You’re now ready to create amazing stop motion videos with your GoPro camera.

An advantage of the GoPro is that the app allows you to swipe through and playback all the photos rapidly, so you can easily see if the motion is fluid and smooth.

You can also shoot in different resolutions and frame rates. We recommend shooting at 1080p/60fps for smooth playback.

One thing to note is that the GoPro doesn’t have a built-in intervalometer, so you’ll need to buy one separately if you want to use this feature.

Shooting tips for stop motion with a GoPro

Here are some helpful tips for shooting great stop motion videos with your GoPro:

  1. Use a tripod or mount to keep your camera steady.
  2. Set up your scene and compose your shots before you start shooting.
  3. Shoot in short bursts to avoid shaking the camera.
  4. Use a remote control or the GoPro app to avoid touching the camera while shooting.
  5. Use a high frame rate for smooth playback.
  6. Shoot in raw format to get the best image

How to create mount or dolly rail for the GoPro

You can use a mount to place your GoPro camera on and then use something to move it little by little.

This could be a tripod, dolly, or even your hand.

Just make sure that the mount is secure and won’t move around too much while you’re shooting.

This technique is especially useful for shooting Legomation or brickfilms. You can easily create smooth movement by mounting your GoPro on a tripod and moving it incrementally between each frame.

You can make a camera mount out of lego bricks and make it taller or shorter, depending on your needs.

If you’re just good with assembling LEGO bricks, you can make your own GoPro stop motion mount with just a few pieces.

Here’s how:

Dolly rails & manual slider mounts

Use Trek Timelapse Slide or track dolly rail system to create beautiful stop motion time-lapse videos with your GoPro.

For example, the GVM Motorized Camera Slider lets you create perfectly timed, and repeatable camera slides with your GoPro.

Just mount your GoPro to the slider, select your settings, and let the motor do the work.

You can even add an intervalometer to automatically capture photos at regular intervals, making it easy to create stunning stop motion time-lapse videos.

I recommend using a dolly rail system with your GoPro if you are making a professional stop motion video.

For the average animator, though, a cheaper manual sliding adapter for the GoPro does a good enough job.

You can use a cheaper manual Taisioner Super Clamp Mount Double Ball Head Adapter on which you place the GroPro.

So, is GoPro a good camera for stop motion?

Yes, GoPro cameras are good for stop motion animation since they shoot high-quality still images, can be used with a mount or dolly rail, and have a fast shutter speed so you can create detailed close-ups without blurring.

They are also compact, and lightweight, which means you can carry them with you to shoot on location, and the built-in WiFi means you can easily transfer your footage to your computer for editing.


Can you use a mobile device to control GoPro shutter?

Yes, you have to go into pairing mode on the GoPro.

Once it’s in pairing mode, you can search for the GoPro on your phone’s Bluetooth settings and connect to it.

Then, you can use the GoPro app to control the shutter, start/stop recording, and change other settings on the camera.

Is GoPro better than DSLR camera for stop motion?

If you are looking for the best quality images, DSLR cameras are still the best choice.

However, GoPro cameras are a good option for stop motion if you are looking for a compact and lightweight camera that is easy to use.

Plus, the built-in WiFi makes it easy to transfer your footage to your computer for editing.

Are Gopros good for close ups?

Yes, you can buy the macro lens for the GoPro and attach it to the camera to get close-up shots.

Can you use a GoPro as a webcam?

Yes, you can use a GoPro as a webcam.

You will need to buy an adapter to connect the GoPro to your computer. This makes it easy to make stop motion animation too.

Is a GoPro better than a camera for stop motion?

It depends on your needs. If you are looking for the best quality images, DSLR cameras are still the best choice.

While the GoPro doesn’t have all the camera settings of digital cameras and DSLRs, it can be better in some instances.

For example, the GoPro allows you to get those close shots in tight spaces, especially if you are using very small puppets for your stop motion video.


Overall, the GoPro is an excellent choice for shooting stop-motion videos.

It’s easy to use and produces great results.

With its built-in Bluetooth and WIFI, it’s simple to transfer your footage to other devices so that you can use stop motion software for editing.

Whether you want to make claymation, legomation, or other stop motion animations, you can skip the compact camera, webcam, mirrorless camera, or bulky DSLR and use the GoPro with excellent results.

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